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M/s Vinolya Services Pvt. Ltd.

wish to introduce ourselves as a dependable hygiene oriented organization with the motto of providing total quality services to leading corporate clients in all leading cities around India for over a decade. We have been pursuing excellence in every aspect of our operation. Our business success has been integrated in dealing with customers through a team of highly efficient, committed, dedicated personnel to provide excellent services in their designated areas of operation.

Vinolya Management

In our perspective:- In all the process, we have our commitment, dedication and involvement not just implementation. A system that functions like a lubricant can keep activities go smoother & hassle free. Timely service creates hygiene & professional atmosphere. "Fabrication is not our foundation".

Why Vinolya ?

Not because we are with loyal customers. We have all the praises from high profile clients like M/s GE John F Welch- technology center and M/s.Spheris India Pvt Ltd. etc. We have a strong hold in IT spectrum in India, grown 5 times in a decade and now has over 2000 employees.