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    The Glass cleaning is done by a system generally called “SPIDER”.

    The system involves a person to come down from top of the building on the exterior side of the building, cleans the Glass Panels from top to bottom of the building vertically in one straight line up to his reach of right & left. Once he reaches the ground floor, he moves again to the top of the building/terrace through the staircase or any access & repeats the process until the work is completed.

    The Spider system consists of one bundle of Nylon – Multifilament rope(Braid on Braid) of 10.5mm dia. & 220 meters length and 2 mechanism units one safety mechanism and the other ascending & descending mechanism and one Safety Full Body Harness and a shunt .The shunt is a holder linking between the rope and Harness in which the cleaning personnel is fitted. The rope will have a breaking load of 2100 Kg.

    The person to clean the Glass Panel shall wear the Safety Helmet with chin strap, Safety Shoe, Safety Harness and fix the both the mechanism units to the ropes & he shall first fix the safety mechanism to one of the ropes. He then shall sit on the sill or whatever the descending point available at the top of the building and fix the descending mechanism unit in the other rope. The descending unit has two rollers enclosed in between two plates of which one is sliding/ movable to facilitate the rope in the rollers and then lock the plate. The rollers have a spring loaded lever which when pressed releases the load and makes way for free movement of ropes and facilitates descending process.

    Sometimes a Glass catcher is provided to accommodate to arrest his free swinging or whenever there is a distance between him and Glass Panel while cleaning the glass. The rope when dropped down freely from the building a soft cardboard & other packing shall be given at the point of contact of any sharp edges wherever the rope encounters to avoid damage of the rope.


    1. Fall of PERSON     2. Fall of MATERIAL


    Prior to work start the ropes and the mechanisms shall be checked for no damages by the Safety Officer. Any damage or peeling on the rope observed on the rope it shall be rejected for use. The mechanisms shall be checked for the locking system and visual inspection for any damage.
    Safety Induction on the safe working procedure shall be conducted by the Safety Officer on first day of work start. Later day’s PEP talk to be conducted prior to work start.
    The bottom area where the work is in progress shall be barricaded or one safety watch shall be engaged for no human movement.