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    We offer professionally managed engineering services through a team of highly experienced engineers to help you increase productivity and reduce costs.Every project undertaken by us is handled using the latest equipment and quality material to ensure that performance is timely and of the highest standards. Built on a foundation of smart processes and well-trained personnel, our services provide safe and secure solutions in the following categories

    We provide breakdown maintenance and quick resolution of service queries with periodic reviews across all electrical installations to ensure safety and continuity.

    1. Managing DG sets ensures continuous power supply for your facility.
    2. We undertake regular checks on fuel consumption and timely procurement of fuel stock.
    3. We also coordinate with the OEM and handle breakdown maintenance, including procuring spares and AMC.
    4. From the most routine preventative maintenance task of changing filters to chiller overhauls and complete HVAC system retrofits.
    5. We provide a full array of mechanical services using professional technicians with industry expertise you can count on.

    We serve as a single-source of contact to provide fire protection services for all our customers. Our highly compliant assessment, testing and maintenance (ATM) services help clients to mitigate risks. Our certified technicians ensure superior compliance through our integrated ATM services. We provide maintenance services for:

    1. Deluge, water spray and sprinkler systems
    2. Hydrants, post indicator valves and fire monitors
    3. Fire pumps and fire apparatuses
    4. Fixed and portable fire extinguishers
    5. Smoke, flame and incipient fire detection
    6. Manual and remote controlled fixed monitor systems
    7. Emergency alarm and mass notification system
    8. Fire suppression systems

    Our services extend to periodic maintenance of all plumbing lines, ductsand toilets. We undertake routine checks for leakages and blockages, including water treatment, to improve quality. We also provide electrical and carpenter services with a team capable of performing a wide variety of common home or office repairs and maintenance services.